SMTP client

Sending e-mail

Sending correctly formatted e-mail, possibly including attachments, from the command-line in Linux is not as easy as it sounds. Using Form2PDF as a stand-alone, command line, SMTP client makes it a whole lot easier.

SMTP client features

Form2PDF features include the following:

  • Support for any kind of attachments
  • To, Cc and Bcc fields supported
  • SMTP authentication
  • Custom headers
  • Easy-to-use
  • Can be used to convert text files to PDF and send them off as e-mail

Free as in no cost

When Form2PDF is used as a SMTP client only (no PDF conversion is performed) it can be used without purchasing a license and therefore is free of charge. If you do like it and it can help you make (or save) money we do appreciate if you purchase a license anyway, but it is optional and totally up to you.


Form2PDF SMTP client is a light-weight, efficient utility. When sending the same message to multiple recipients all recipients are addressed within the same SMTP session using multiple RCPT TO. This results in very good performance.

The primary functionality in Form2PDF is really to convert text files to PDF adding overlay images in the process and this is also done with very high performance.


Form2PDF is called with “–mailonly” and then a number of arguments are given of which “–mailto”, “–sender” and a file to attach are mandatory.

Example (sending document “test.doc” to –mailonly –mailto –sender test.doc

Download it now!

Why not go directly to the download page and try it out for yourself? You can have a look in the Form2PDF User’s Guide as well.