Getting started


Download the Form2PDF you want from the URL below:


Download the compressed tar archive binary, for example form2pdf-4.1c-2021-03-14-426a604-ubuntu18-full.tar.gz.

Uncompress it with gzip and extract it.

gzip -d form2pdf-4.1c-2021-03-14-426a604-ubuntu18-full.tar.gz
tar xvf form2pdf-4.1c-2021-03-14-426a604-ubuntu18-full.tar.gz

A new directory form2pdf-dist will be created. Change directory and run the installation script.

cd form2pdf-dist

Check the file README for additional information and instructions.

Optionally add a license key (if you have purchased one) to the file /etc/form2pdf/form2pdf.cfg using the text editor of your choice.


Without a license key Form2PDF will run in demo mode. In demo mode it is fully functional except that the word “DEMO” is added to the background.

License keys are locked to the hostid of the server where Form2PDF will be used. The hostid is a unique hardware id and if the software is moved from one server to another a new license key is needed.

The hostid can be displayed by running “form2pdf –showhostid”.

A license key which removes the demo message for commercial operation can be purchased at